Crusader Part #2

Poetry via Katherine Coogan,
Photography by Matt Wisniewski

name peice.

change your name by the period

of your age.

by the year.

by the day.

by occasions.

by the color of your dress.

~1964 ~ yoko ono

Then there are the stars - ineradicable, hard.

One touch : it burns and sickens.

I cannot see your eyes.

Where apple bloom ices the night

I walk in a ring,

A groove of old faults,

deep and bitter.

Love cannot come here.

A black gap discloses itself.

On the opposite lip

A small white soul is waving,

a small white maggot.

My limbs, also, have left me.

Who has dismembered us?

The dark is melting.

We touch like cripples.

~ Sylvia Plath

" They lived long,

And were faithful to the good in each other.

They suffered as their faith required. "

~ Wendell Berry