Crusader Part #1

Poetry selections from Katherine Coogan
Photography by Jacob Sutton

" yet when all's done you'll keep the emerald

i placed on your finger in the street;

and i will keep the patches that you sewed

on my old battledress tonight, my sweet. "

~ Alun Lewis

you have a chip on your shoulder

you have a hole in your heart

you have banged your head against the wall

you have a huge secret

but i can see it all

you say you have hate

that streches for miles

inside you there is great love

it radiates

you can not control it

you can not run from it

you must make peace

you must stay still

be silent

it doesnt make you a doormat

to me

it makes you most courageous.

-Katherine Coogan

" A faint milky light diffused from the street lights or the half moon or the cars or the stars, i couldn't tell what, but apart from holding my hand Constantin showed no desire to seduce me whatsoever. I asked if he was engaged or had any special girlfriend, thinking maybe that's what was the matter, but he said no, he made a point of keeping clear of such attachments. "

~ sylvia plath