Thrifting Confession

"Thrifting" might be a new term for some of you- esp. those who are not from the states. It does not exactly refer to "being thrifty" but rather to the practice of exploring charity, antique, and second-hand shoppes. Most people don't go thrifting- but for an increasing number of us in the states it has become the (ironically) chic thing to do. This spring Culture Keeper is discussing the world of thrifting...

"When I have money I go thrifting at least once a week. I'll spend an entire afternoon and hit four or five charity shoppes. I bring along a snack. I'm generally looking for a few specific things- but I always pick out good quality vintage along the way that I know I can re-sell. I like Thrift stores because I know I can experiment cheaply. There are styles I would never try, but because they are only going to cost a few dollars I will take the risk. Some days I don't actually purchase anything- but most days I will spend around fifty dollars. I end up making more than I spend. I buy a lot of old canvases to paint over. Clothes from thrift shoppes make up about fifty percent of my wardrobe. I have also been able to find a lot of really great art pieces- both sculpture and paintings- those are my favorite finds." - Jonathan Grant

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