Thrifting Confession: Andrew Skipper

"As an antiques dealer, I frequent estate sales and flea markets. I don't ever go out looking for anything specific. If something catches my eye, I go for it. I have a great appreciation for things that are well made, and I've found that vintage pieces were made to last. When I find a piece, I think about the story behind it. Who wore this cardigan before me? What type of home did the owner of this bow tie live in? What dinner parties did this sport coat attend? For me, that's part of the fun of thrifting. I love to find things that speak to the past's sense of occasion such as bow ties, tie bars, fur, leather boots, and other unique accessories. They evoke a time when people dressed for dinner. In today's world, where we often see people wearing pajamas in public, I like to wear something that oozes luxury instead. Someone once told me to always keep your home a little bit neater than the homes of those you socialize with, your car a little bit cleaner than your friends', and dress a little bit better than the people you are with on a daily basis. By incorporating unique vintage pieces into your wardrobe, you'll definitely be setting yourself apart from the crowd."

-Andrew Skipper

(image source: The Free Agency)