The Thing About Shorts

Everyone can wear shorts. You may perhaps be thinking that you are too short or too tall or too rotund. Not so. The keys to remember here are fit and proportion. For best results "think tailored". If your shorts are too baggy or too long- you are going to look ridiculous.

Shorts should hit above the knee- one to eight inches. One inch if you are extremely modest and eight if you are extremely brave. If they fall below the knee you are going to look shorter than you actually are.

When shorts are too wide on the leg they create a swinging, bell-like effect. So make sure that they follow the width of your thigh- with a leg opening just wide enough to be comfortable. I would also posit that cargo pockets are not the most flattering style in the world- so use sparingly. Perhaps one or two pockets are okay- but let's not get crazy.

Obviously styles come and go. I can recall a pair of cargo shorts I once wore constantly. They were huge, extremely khaki, and possessed an unspeakable number of pockets. Of course that was 1998 and I had to have something to go with my Airwalks.

Truth is those shorts were fun. I don't really regret wearing them as a child. But now that I am an adult I realize that there is something connecting the way we dress and the way we feel and our ideas about ourselves. You see, people spend more time trying to cover up the way they feel about their own body than they actually do dressing it. Even children will dress in frumpy, baggy, layers thinking that will hide their insecurities. Foolishness. Let's all grow up a bit and take responsibility for the way we look and the way we dress. This is the perfect time to be honest with yourself.

Chances are you have a pair of shorts in your wardrobe that do not flatter you. This might be a good time to take them out, say your good-byes and donate them. Don't keep clothing that makes you look ridiculous- that just makes my job all the more difficult.