The Style of Megan Gilger

To say that Megan Gilger knows her own style would be a huge understatement. In fact, Megan curates her personal style with strategic enthusiasm. She has this semi-preppy, clean aesthetic that channels the best of JCrew, Kate Spade, and classic americana. Megan is also brave enough to try new styles, colors, and shapes. She somehow manages to push her own boundaries while maintaining a recognizable style. I am constantly seeing magazine spreads or lookbooks to new collections and thinking- "that is so Megan Gilger". And its a great thing that she knows what she likes. As both the brains and brawn behind Hitch Design Studio and The Fresh Exchange blog Megan daily transfers her tastes into solid advice and beautiful designs. Her husband Mike also has fantastic style. His beardly, lumberjack-meets-Soho-designer, style is always spot-on. Their design creations are fantastic- but so are their outfits. Always perfectly put together. Always curated and understated. Always classic.