How to Dress well Without Wearing a Suit

You don't have to wear a suit again. Ever.
Seriously- it is completely possible to dress well without relying on the same uniform. Just use your classic suiting elements (trousers, jacket, vest) and mix them up. This image is a great example of how to dress up without actually wearing a suit:

To dress well without wearing a suit:
+ Simple color palette (gray, navy, and black are safe choices)
+ Bit of bright color (add ONE extra color)
+ Nicest shoes you own (they can dress-up the entire outfit)
+ Layers (vests, cardigans, etc.)
+ Suiting elements (blazer, trousers, pocket square)
+ Simple and clean (the slimmer the cut and crisper the lines- the better you will look)

(Image source: Fashiondes)