Don't be Dull

Here are a few ideas on how to dress a little more interesting...
Most of this will seem like common sense, but I am amazed at how many times I find myself repeating these tips to clients. So here they are in a handy guide.

The smallest touches can make a huge impact. Think about details. Cuff links, pocket squares, sunglasses, bags and backpacks, bracelets, watches, belts, etc. Accessories are a great place to experiment without much risk. Invest in a few Adventurous pieces
Don't spend a lot of money on them- but don't buy cheap either. When I aquire a new, dangerous piece I force myself to wear it in 5 different outfits within 7 days. that is my rule. if I cannot do it, or grow tired of it- I get rid of it. Chances are the piece will stick. I bought a metallic gold leather belt last year. I liked it, it was good quality, and it was on sale for an insanely low price. That belt has become one of my wardrobe staples. I wear it several times a week. This makes me A) glad that it is good quality and will be in my closet for a long time to come, and B) glad that I took a risk and stepped outside of my normal comfort zone. I am constantly making up rules about these sorts of situations, so here is my next rule: if you are scared about dressing dangerously- try it with just one piece. If you dress in a manner that is completely put-together/normal/tailored and add just one thing that is brave and really pops- you will transform the entire outfit and few will question it. This works especially well with a suit. Be brave. Try something new.

Trousers that are not Jeans
Now and then you should wear something on your bottom half that is not denim. Try it. Everyone will think you are dressing up. Perhaps you should step outside your comfort zone a little bit. I like to think in extreme sillouettes. to acheive this I either wear skinny jeans or sailor pants. Sailor pants are very comfortable and fun to wear. I have a black pair in cotton and an olive green pair in wool. I wear them both year round and I love them. But you don't have to go extreme to achieve something unique. I love the pants above by Zara and Balmain respecively. they achieve a unique style and still seem comfortable. Sure they look a bit like sweat pants- but look how they are dressed up with a blazer! voila! Plus they fit well, and fit is the key. Trying something new and adventurous does not mean trapsying about in public in your yoga pants. Rather, it means stepping outside your normal dressing routine.

Be Bold
Add some color. Get noticed in a good way. It's really that easy. If you keep everything else pretty staid, a single color will really add interest.

Add a Pattern
That seems simple enough, right? Find a pattern you like. If you are too scared try plaid. Patterns can be fun and gender-neutral, an easy way to spice up your wardrobe. Don't go overboard in purchasing patterns, however, they can look dated and can actually inhibit your personal style. I have had a few clients who buy too heavily in patterns- making their clothing less versitile. These folks end up spending more money on clothes they can wear less-frequently. But you won't have that problem. Go for a pattern in a sweater or tie or scarf. Those are safe places to start.

Add a Hat
Could it really be that easy? Yes, It is. even if you don't think you can successfully wear a hat- you can. it is just a matter of finding the right fit, and the right hat. Find one that will make a statement and wear it regularly. Hats make excellent statements. Chances are good that if you wear a particular hat (such as a fedora) three or four times- your friends will start to accociate you with good style. They will think of you every time they see a similar hat.