Court and Spark

The first in a series of poetry collages by Katie Coogan. (Unlabeled poems are Coogan's own) Enjoy.__________________________________
" i want to know you, i want to be with you." ~ george harrison
"if one looks long enough at almost anything, looks with absoulte attention at a flower, a stone, the bark of a tree, grass, snow , a cloud, something like revelation takes place. Something is "given" and perhaps that something is always a reality outside the self. We are aware of God only when we cease to be aware of ourselves, not in the negative sense of denying the self, but in the sense of losing self to admiration and joy. "
~ may sarton
you decieve us with the crinkle green,
of juvenile stars, and you beguile us with
a bland vanilla moon of maple cream:
again you tame us with your april myth.
~syliva plath
so silent that I could hear
the slow rythum of my own eyelids
then my slow breath
had a melody
not quite out of tune
with the light thunder
in my chest
almost as light as
raindrops against
glass panes.
Still I sent up my prayer
Wondering who was there to hear
I said "Send me somebody Who's strong, and somewhat sincere"
With the millions of the lost and lonely ones
I called out to be released
Caught in my struggle for higher achievements
And my search for love
That don't seem to cease
~joni mitchell
" where is privacy, if not in the mind? It is your temples I kiss, where they dip. They should bulge, from all your mind holds. Their hollows are entries; they allow me near your brain. Forever and aye, my jubilee. "
~ annie dillard
you said nothing
i said it all
i said too much
enough to end things
enough to start a crack
in the space time of us
once connected
we are movnig backwards
at a rapid pace
im not good at running backwards
soon you won't remember
the color of my eyes
i wont remember that story about your sister
you wont know my voice
i wont remember how it felt to have
your large hands cup my face
change change change
somethings will have to die
others might become dormate
until a spring breeze can renew
i wont ask why
not again
i said it all
just when i seemed about to learn !
where is the thread now ? off again !
the old trick ! only i discern---
infinite passion, and the pain
of finite hearts that yearn.
~ robert browning
let us look for secret things somewhere in the world,
on the blue shore of silence
or where the storm has passed,
rampaging like a train.
~pablo nerdua