The Style of Andreas Wijk

Andreas Wijk. has great style.
He always seems confident and laid-back.
Which might account for why all of his outfits seem so comfortable.

Andreas' fashion advice:
"Never wear something you feel uncomfortable with."

"I was totally in love with the natural colors this summer and I will continue on that track even in the fall and next spring. Brown and beige are awesome colors... It’s funny, because as soon as the fall is here, I start look for summer clothes. So right now, for example, I am looking for what I feel like wearing next summer. I bought all of my new fall jackets this spring. As a fashion blogger, it is smart to stay one step ahead."

Check out his lookbook interview where he talks about his life and style inspirations. Here is his lookbook page (that I have been following for years) and his gorgeous blog.

Bonus: Andreas' cover of Bowie's "Life on Mars"