How I decorate

I am constantly thrifting. I am constantly searching antique stores. I am endlessly re-arranging. I only buy things I adore. I never pay very much for them. I only purchase used. I have collected silver bowls of a particular shape- mostly because I was given one- but also I loved the shape- and I am obsessed with bowls. Bowls are practical and beautiful. I also have a great collection of old books, paintings and chairs. I don't actually sit in chairs- I prefer the floor- but I adore the shape and construction of chairs. I am constantly re-working my walls- because I aquire new pieces and wish to feature them. my walls are always cluttered with paintings, photographs, and artifacts. I love rugs. I love cluttered. I love fabric. I cover my beds with layers and patterns and pillows. I do this to windows too- layers of fabric. I want always to feel like I am in a bedouin tent... or an archaeologist's apartment in Bloomsbury. The only technology visible- an old record player. Sometimes I will use a black rotary phone- but that depends on my apartment at the time. Maps. Every blank space on a table or wall has a map. my favorite is this huge wall map of South America. I could look at it for hours. I found it in a pile of maps my college was throwing away. the colors are bright and vibrant. That is how I decorate- like an archaeologist turned museum curator turned native. Bam.