Caitlin Jemison Style

Caitlin Jemison


Things you adore right now:
Ballet, surfing, strawberry cupacakes, David (her fantastic husband), almond milk, fairy tales, being tickled, gypsies, theme parties, travel, the stage....

Describe your style:
Hmmm, comfy first and foremost. I like to be able to move and stretch in what I am wearing. If you can't curl into a ball in it, it doesn't pass my comfort test (This rule is null and void concerning shoes, of course). Other than that it's difficult to say. I like playing dress up. Pearls, heels and a high bun one night, flea market dress and cowboy boots the next. I dress according to my mood.

What inspires you:
I am inspired by the 60's: cat eyes, big hair up-do's, pencil skirts and chandelier earings. I also love me a little boho: flowy tops, cut off shorts, bright sun dresses with chunky boots and floppy bags. Long necklaces... I've heard a dirty rumor that ankle boots are going out, but I don't care. I love them and I just bought a new pair!

Favorite quote:
"She generally gave herself very good advice (though she very seldom followed it)."
-Lewis Carroll

The photos above are a selection from her Pinterest style boards. Follow Caitlin here.