What to Wear for Winter

One would think that a Winter wardrobe would be quite obvious- that everyone would know exactly what to wear for the chilly months ahead. Alas this is not so. Here is a quick list of suggestions.

+ Texture. Winter is the time for fabrics that feel great. lumpy.wool. herringbone. hand-made mittens. cozy sweaters. seriously. Go for texture. Go for cozy.

+ Shape. Because one has little control over style in the face of sub-zero weather, one should plan ahead. Purchase pieces that are versatile, layer-able, and yet are still suited to your form. You need not resemble a shapeless mass of fabric (unless that is the look you are going for).

+ Color. my suggestion- keep it dark- but give it a punch. A single splash of red or turquoise on a canvas of grey and black- will really pop. If you keep tones dark and neutral you will be able to layer with greater ease and dress in a flash.

+ Future. As always- buy for tomorrow. Only Purchase quality pieces that will last for years. Think classic. Spend a little more money for items your grandchildren will get to wear. Winter clothes can tend to be a bit more expensive than warm-weather togs, but tend to last longer. Your clothing purchases can be a great investment.