In The Closet With: Angie

My friend Angie is an amazing artist. She is also an amazing person, for that matter. Coming soon there will definitely be a post about all of the fantastic things she dreams up.

So the thing is- Angie is about to re-locate to Los Angeles. She is currently living in the middle of Indiana, and her closet has not been exciting her. First we figured out what she was loving- Dresses in black, brown, and grey- Cardigans in navy, grey, and black. She definitely had already defined a color palette that worked for her- solid neutral tones- along with basic shapes and empire waist. Then we sorted out clothes that were past their prime and talked about purchasing pieces that will last longer. It was a pretty fun time- we did not finish up until about 2 in the morning. Angie has a pretty good idea of her style- even if she didn't realize it. Her downfall seems to have been her graduate-student budget (or lack thereof). However- low funds are no reason to buy cheap. We talked about up-grading strategies and the long-term cost-effectiveness of purchases. Cheap clothes only save you money for the moment.

Angie's Homework:
+ Take rejected clothes to Goodwill
+ Keep an eye out for good deals that will upgrade styles she already has.
+ Find pieces to "merge" staple items- such as vests, belts, etc.
+ Purchase classic and simple basics that are easily layered and versatile.