Asheligh Graves-Roesler

This Woman Is Going To Take Over The World. Just prepare yourself. She is 90% legend- which alone makes her a force to be reckoned with. Karate master? Probably. Financial wizard with extreme diplomacy and political savvy? Definitely. Ashleigh is versed in several languages, the harp, knitting, the complete works of Austen, Shakespeare, and any opera, symphony or BBC special you can think of.

Ashleigh and her husband Bryan create the ultimate power-couple. (either one would make a phenomenal president or UNICEF chair) Together they are stylish, unstoppable and rocking the philanthropic world.

While Ashleigh's official areas of expertise are Scandinavian Mythology and Victorian Heiresses, I would like to think that it is her style that gives her distinction. Always classy and poised- stylistically she is right at home in Harajuku, London, a silent film, or a rural hunter's feast. she can dress for anything- and not just adequately- but in a way that will blow every one's minds with her wit and creativity. seriously.

she is bound to be the most powerful woman in the world. Perhaps she is already the most stylish. Follow her on Tumblr.