Hermes Fall 2011

I have been seeing a lot of neat styles lately in Fashion- but not much that interests me. The exception would have to be Hermes. I am loving Hermes' style for this Autumn. 1930's silhouettes, exaggerated shapes, neutral tones, equestrian details. I just love what they have going on. Don't waste your time with their ready-to-wear collections, but do give their runway collection a peak. The interesting thing about these styles is that they can translate very easily across gender lines- not in an androgynous way- but in a way that can celebrate the best of menswear or the best of womenswear depending on what elements are emphasized. They have a sense of historical integrity that I find very appealing- but may perhaps- if translated literally- appear a bit theatrical.

A few weeks ago I was standing in line at my favorite croissant shop- discussing style with my friend Alexandra when the man behind me chimed in: "And who is giving this Fashion Advice? Robin of the Greenwood?" He said this of course in a playful jest- but it did get me to thinking about the costume-y elements of the way I dress and think about fashion. I did look a bit like robin hood that day- greens and tans and browns with feathers and leather and necklaces. a bit 1930's too. A bit perhaps like a male version of the new Hermes collection. Perhaps I should tone things down. Or perhaps I should get a horse and move to the forest.