Spring Suggestions for Men:

Spring Suggestions for Men:
Chambray, Denim and Gingham shirts

Everyone has a few things they swear they will never wear. Once upon a time I swore I would never, ever wear a flannel shirt. How wrong I was. Now I adore flannel! Basically I am saying- don’t make fashion judgments too hastily. In another regrettable era- I declared that Denim shirts where “possibly the worst idea for a shirt ever”. Not so. Perhaps I am caught up in some kind of trending fever- but I think that denim shirts are pretty cool right now. But not just that- right now the shirt triumvirate of choice is Denim-Gingham-Chambray. It would appear that the entire world has gone crazy for these three- The big men’s show in Vegas- Project- featured them non-stop. You can totally get away with these- at work, at the beach, with a suit- even with a tuxedo (see Ella’s window right now!)

Here’s how to do them right:
+ They have to fit well- the idea of a slim fitting dress shirt may be intimidating- but the shirt has got to fit your body- close but comfortable. If it is too baggy find one that fits in the shoulders and have a tailor put in back darts. This will help it look great even when tucked in.
+ Your pants must fit well also- try a slim-fitting jean (may we suggest the AG Protégé?) a pair of grey trousers or some slim-fitting navy shorts. Again the key is a good fit. This spring try rolling them up a bit at the ankle to show off your cool socks or expensive shoes.
+ Accessorize- these shirts will look great with a tie! I recommend a dark knit tie, but a vintage preppy tie or bowtie will always look great as well. If you can- add a tie clip (or bar)- they are currently the must-have accessories for every gentleman. Suspenders, Lace-up oxfords or wingtips, a blazer- perhaps even a straw fedora- all of these complement the denim-chambray-gingham trio to perfection.

As always, if you need some help figuring out what to wear or how to wear it-I would be happy to help you get creative.

(photo courtesy of themidweststyle.com)