Introducing: Katie Coogan

I don't remember how I first met Katie Coogan. it was in Kentucky, that is for sure. But life has been magical ever since.

Katie Coogan is a mixture of so many things. She is old-timey banjo music and Georgia summertime. She is modern girl-about-town. She is sweet tea and gold buttons and moonshine and indie rock. She knows just about everyone. Katie Coogan is one of those rare people who understands poetry deeply. She is always connecting people with good poetry and music- which to her are the same things.

Culture Keeper is excited to feature her work in the upcoming weeks. We will be posting her collages of collected poems and quotes as well as her own poetry. She has this brilliant way of making poetry super accessible- putting Patti Smith's lyrics next to a few lines from Edna St. Vincent Millay. One reads her collages and suddenly sees the written word in a new way. Her own poetry is equally illuminating.