The One Piece Of Clothing Every Man Must Own...

... The Velvet Blazer.

and this is why:

+ they are casual- the cut is slouchy and irreverent. they work well with jeans and a tee (or whatever you happen to be wearing). or add some layers and use yours as a coat this autumn/winter.

+ they are formal- dark colors- blue, black, even maroon; make velvet blazers a classy choice that work well as a tux-replacement. add a tux shirt and pants- and you are good to go. they can dress-up just about anything you happen to put with them. my fave is to wear a velvet blazer with a plaid flannel shirt- the contrast is great.

+ they are COMFORTABLE!!!! think of velvet blazers as the "french hoodie". seriously. french men have been wearing them for years- because they are comfortable AND classy. they are the one piece of clothing that you can put on without thinking. they are effortless and can go anywhere.

...add a cigarette, tousle your hair- and Voila! you are french!