From India, With Love and Fire: Water

By Amber Kidner

It's early fall and we’re back in Delhi having been gone for June and July. My fledgling Hindi has barely survived. Our time away was for the most part devoid of people that speak the language.

While we were away, we did a lot of swimming. On a whim I bought an underwater, disposable film camera. My sons were as eager to use it as I was. They loved jumping, floating, and sinking in the cool water. And they loved recording themselves in action.

As I brushed off my Hindi notes recently, I was reminded of our water summer, and I thought of my continued foray into this language like swimming in a pool. With a renewed sense of purpose I’m wading in: testing, floating, choking, shivering, enjoying…


Amber Kidner 

Culture Keeper

Amber Kidner has always loved good books, people’s stories, and art. Her loves have taken her into a variety of artistic endeavors including photography, family therapy, and cultural research. Currently, she is studying Hindi and exploring ways to bring her passions to New Delhi in a way that is mutually satisfying and transformative. Follow her adventures on