Three In The Sun

The starting point was a similar aesthetic. Moki and I enjoyed the same films, and generally agreed aesthetically. So we started brainstorming. IN Magazine (Dubai) approached Moki about a shoot... and this developed. For the shoot we were offered a few hours in a vacant (and rather grand) apartment overlooking the Arc de Triumph. Finding the right models took a while longer. We sourced clothing from Poulain and Proust and gowns from Eric Tibusch.

The day was sunny, the mood was light-hearted (but a little stressed for time). Our great fortune was also to have Merry Moore on set with us... it was her first shoot, and she was an absolutely stellar assistant. Everyone was fun and kind-hearted... and I especially enjoyed working with Wallace and Mickael who were on hair and makeup. Once we got shooting the joy of working together and the beautiful light streaming across the parquet  kept us inspired. 

Photography - Mokhtar Beyrouth

Artistic Direction - Jonathan Randall Grant

Hair - Michael Delmas

Makeup - Wallace Woo

Models - Nicky Barutzki, Clement Chauvin, Dimitri Decaux

Styling Assistant - Merry Moore 

Jonathan Randall Grant  //  Culture Keeper