The Art of the Upgrade

I am asked on a daily basis about my shopping and purchasing strategies, though I don't really have any. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I don't really shop, or that most of my time is spent living out of a suitcase. I have to travel light, sticking with a few classic essentials, and perhaps one or two statement pieces. At other ages I have been more inclined to experimentation with my style. It was in those days that I developed my only shopping rhythm:

1) If I want to try a new style, I find it cheap. I go to goodwill and other thrift stores and find the closest approximation to the desired look. If I like it and it sticks then...

2) I purchase a slightly better version. mid-range, mid-quality. 

3) If this is gonna be a signature style in my life for years to come... I get an extremely high-quality version. Bam (some people skip steps one and two.... which is fine if you don't take as many style-risks as I do.)

The most recent example of this in my wardrobe has been my watch. If you have been following Culture Keeper you know me to be something of a bracelet fanatic. This past Winter I was picking up a few last-minute travel items with my little brother at Target, and we stumbled upon these extremely chic (yet inexpensive) Casio watches. They were just simple black plastic, but they captured my imagination. "Could I become a watch-wearer?" I pondered. The answer, it turned out was YES. I purchased and then wore that little Casio watch for 7 consecutive months. I adore it. 

A few weeks ago a rep from Daniel Wellington messaged me to tell me they were sending a watch. (yes, this is part of how blogging works as a career) It was time for the upgrade. although I am sad to set that little Casio aside, it is also part of my routine- trying a new style and then upgrading. I have only had the Wellington watch for a few days, but it is a bit chic-er and more grown-up than my last watch. 

This is the cycle with all of my wardrobe choices. experiment cheaply- and improve on the things I love. Do you have a system you love? Have you tried this method before? I would love to hear your stories. 

(( Also this really is not an advertisement, but you can find the watch HERE ))

Jonathan Randall Grant // Culture Keeper