Springsioux Shoot // Part Two

The beauty of collaboration is in limiting one's own voice. One contributes, and waits within a vulnerable space for others to play their part. It is both humbling and majestic. And of course fun.  Within this type of creativity, I have discovered a voice and a comfortable rhythm... exploring and creating with dear friends and colleagues. 

For the first look of the Springsioux Shoot I wanted to play with traditional elegance. Jenn's look was a bit inspired by Wallace Simpson, while mine was as I imagined what a posh visitor from india in the 1930's. Then of course we took these ideas and ran in completely crazy directions... playing off of the patterns and lines of the clothing. We prepared at the Springsioux shop and walked to the gardens of the nearby National Archives. 

Our Team-

Styling- Jonathan Randall Grant

Photography- Jill Devries

Models- Jonathan Randall Grant and Jenn Elliott Blake

Clothing- Springsioux / Nash Prints it / Ursul

Location- The French National Archives

Stay tuned for three more installments of this collaboration. 

Jonathan Randall Grant // Culture Keeper