One Year of Break'Art Mix

I have only known Anne for a few years; not really very long in the grand scheme of things. Anne has this vivacious, energetic presence that arrests you right away. She is effortless and chic- in a genuine way (a unique victory in a city that tries desperately to be both effortless and chic). I met David this Winter. He is the gentle, kindhearted boyfriend of Anne. David makes stunningly beautiful music, but their real masterpiece has been what they have created together. 

Anne and David have a passion for encouraging artists and musicians from all over the world. Together they have created Break'Art Mix. BAM is an apartment / artist residency / performance space / community... and it is transforming Paris. Anne and David are constantly hosting dinners, introducing  people, taking care of visiting guests, and encouraging up-and-coming creative types. They have even been a huge encouragement and support to me both personally and creatively. I stayed with them for a month and a half this Spring, and they already feel a bit like family. Over the course of my stay, they made a point to introduce me to all of their kind and creative friends- many of whom had also collaborated with BAM... the community that surrounds BAM is dynamic and authentic. 

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of BAM, Anne has edited together a collection of work from all of the creatives who have performed or exhibited. It is the cohesive product of a year of community building and creative enrichment. You can go here to purchase a copy. I recommend reading it with pancakes, because that is the Break'Art Mix way. 


Jonathan Randall Grant // Culture Keeper