A Summer of Polaroids

Exactly one year ago Michael Newsted and I set out on a series of adventures. Clyde Oak had commissioned us to document the farms and gardens of our friends in northern Michigan. Along the way we were also working on a collaboration for Hello Mr. (issue 2) and catching up on life, and having meals with people very dear to us. 

It is crazy how the time goes. That was a year ago. In two days we are setting off once more for the same region of Michigan, this time just to retreat. Of course we will be taking lots of photos along the way. 

As I was digging through my hard-drive (looking for a shoot I had been needing to send to a designer) I stumbled upon this series of Polaroids. When Michael shot for Clyde Oak and Hello Mr. he shot in digital, 35mm, iPhone, and polaroid. Somehow I had never managed to share the polaroids with you. I love them because (even though most of them are of me) I think they give a great behind-the-scenes look at our adventures, the places we explored, and people we met. I share them all here, because when Michael shoots in Polaroid, he does it with an intensity of purpose... none of them are an accident. Someday I will add a gif of his expression when he exposes the image. He gets so excited about what he has captured. The experience is magical. 

Stay tuned for images from our current adventure, as well a forthcoming Paris Etiquette Guide and a guest post from the lovely Shea Petaja. 

Jonathan Randall Grant

Culture Keeper