New Music From Peter Hochstedler

I have many friends who produce soulful music. Straight-from-the heart gritty stuff. I love supporting their work, and introducing you to great musicians. It is a win-win-win, right? 

Peter is one of those friends. His lyrics are raw and beautiful, and I am constantly in awe of his life and passion. He is one of those folks who challenges me to think deeply, and reevaluate the world around me. Actually his music does that too. His friendship and his music in tandem draw me deeper into compassion and exploration of the broken world around me. 

Peter is from Istanbul, but I met him in South Bend. He is one of the cool kids kicking it around there and exploring justice and peace and living out redemption in the rotting world. 

I highly recommend a journey through his last album "Saltpeter Wars". I recommend taking it along on a road trip with you. It has been in my commuter rotation as I journey outside of Paris, and it is daily opening my world. 

Peter is also working on a new album, which is sounding like it will be his best work yet. You can find out more about that project here (Also- Sign up for advance copies, and support his work. Because he is rad, and his music is rad… and because Peter has amazing, transformative things to say.)

Here are some recently released live tracks:

You can also check out more on his Bandcamp page. Get on it, have a listen. 

Jonathan Randall Grant

Culture Keeper